General Administration Branch


Mrs. D.A.S. Shanthi Wijesinghe

Additional Provincial Director of Education

(General Administration)

T.P.: 045-2222707, Fax : 045-2222184










  • Carry out the establishment matters related to Sri Lanka Education Administration Service and Sri Lanka Principal Service.
  • Supervision of the establishment matters of Sri Lanka Principal Service and Sri Lanka Teacher Service.
  • Tasks concerning the performance and disciplinary inquiries of the officers of Principal Service.
  • Coordinate the mass media.
  • Grant permissions to governmental and non-governmental institutions to use physical facilities of the schools in the province.
  • Administration of National Schools in the province.
  • Supervision of educational institutions in the province and coordination.
  • Administration of all governmental examinations.
  • Recruitment of Master Teachers.
  • Establishment matters of Pirivena teachers.
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